The Assessment & Admission Process

The assessment Process:

At this initial assessment, the following aspects of the service will be discussed with the potential individual:

  • Proposed plan of care to be offered by the service
  • Current support needs 
  • Identified areas of risk 
  • Individual preferences 
  • What they are seeking from the service.
The Admission Process:

If the outcome of the assessment is successful and it is proposed that the individual move into one of our supported properties, they will be invited to visit the appropriate property. This will give them the opportunity to look around, meet other individuals and staff, if appropriate and ask questions which they may or their representative have.

If the potential individual is in agreement with the service and the Local Authority permits the funding, then a transition plan is arranged with the individual and others involved in their care. This can include both day and overnight visits to help the individual settle into their new environment. If there are no concerns from the individual or the service during this transition period, an admission date into the tenancy is then agreed. 

In case of emergency admission requests, an initial assessment will be completed within 24 hours of referral. If the service can offer a suitable placement, and funding is confirmed, Highcare Support Limited will inform the new individual of all key aspects, procedures and routines of the property within two days of admission.

Prior to admission, a review plan will be agreed with the potential individual and their care team and a contingency care plan confirmed as to what actions will be taken if the placement becomes unsustainable. The placement will be formally reviewed in the eighth week and a decision made on whether support can be continued or not.

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Our Vision

Highcare Support’s mission is to support our service users achieve their optimum well-being by setting achievable goals, targets and aspirations together with our partners, families, and friends so that we empower, promote their independence, choice and social inclusion.

To enable us to meet your needs, we will ensure we have the right documentation for you in place. These include but not limited to:
  • A Person-Centered needs assessment
  • A personalised outcome-based care plan
  • Positive risk management assessments and plans
  • A PBS Plan
  • Medication risk assessment
  • Periodic reviews of the support plans and risk assessment or as when needed.
  • Quality Assurance Audits.