Highcare Support recognize that life in a communal setting and the need to accept assistance with personal tasks are inherently invasive of an individual’s privacy. We therefore, aim to retain as much of individual’s privacy and dignity as possible in the following ways:
  • Guarantee service user privacy and personal space, when using the telephone, opening, and reading post, and communicating with friends, relatives, or advisers.
  • Providing assistance/support with personal care in a dignified discreet manner as possible.
  • Supporting each individual to personalize their private living space. 
  • Supporting each individual to express their views and choices.
  • Offering a range of support to attend any medical appointments that may be required.
  • Providing locks and security on property if required. 
  • Ensuring that each individual gives their consent before a member of staff can enter.
Security and Safety
Highcare Support provides an environment that is supportive and responds to the needs to safeguard each individual in the following ways:
  • Supporting and assisting each individual when doing tasks that have a risk attached.  
  • Protecting each individual, wherever practicable, from all forms of abuse.
  • Ensuring that each individual and staff are fully aware of the procedures to make a complaint or to raise a concern about any suspected form of abuse or any concern over an aspect of the service or the environment. 
  • Providing an environment which is safe and in good maintenance and has been assessed to eliminate or reduce any risk to any individual. 
  • Ensuring that all visitors have been given permission to enter the premises, this includes any person to carry out any maintenance work.
Risk Assessment

Haighcare Support Services Ltd recognizes that risk taking is a vital and often enjoyable part of life and of social activity and that some individuals may wish to take certain risks.  We therefore, do not aim to provide a totally risk-free environment but minimise such risks. We do, as far as practicable, ensure that each individual is not subjected to any unnecessary hazards or risks.

If an individual wishes to be included and take part in an activity that involves risk, we will ensure that the individual has information available to them, in a format they understand, in order that they can make an informed decision about the risk and carry out a thorough risk assessment with the individual.Such risk assessments will be implemented and regularly reviewed, with the participation of all parties, in the light of experience. 

Duty of Candour:

We will uphold our legal duty to act in an open and transparent way with our service users and their representatives even when things go wrong. We know that despite doing all that we can to provide a good service, things can sometimes go wrong. If this happens, our team will notify the service users and their representatives as soon as possible and provide them with all the facts that we have. We will be empathetic in our approach and provide them with the information and the support they need.

Fire Precautions, Associated Emergency Procedures and Safe Working Practices

Each individual is made aware of the action to be taken in the event of a fire or other emergency. The service conforms to all guidance on promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of the individual including fitness of premises.