Highcare Support Services Ltd is a provider of services designed to promote supported independent living, accommodation and social support. The service offers 24-hour support/supervision and monitoring to individuals with learning disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis through an Individual Person-Centered Approach. 

Highcare Support is a provider which supports adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who have Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Mental Health conditions and other associated complex needs.

At Highcare Support, we have a strong belief in our values of empowerment. We endeavour to promote the rights of our service users and help them to build on their existing strengths enabling them to maximise on their potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

We believe in Person Centered Care and Support which is geared at meeting service users’ unique needs and where their full participation is considered. Highcare Support will ensure that service users voice is heard, and where needed work with advocates and relatives to promote service users’ best interests.

At Highcare Support, the safety and wellbeing of our service users is paramount, and we uphold our safeguarding duty highly by ensuring that our systems and processes  are robust and open for further improvement.

Our Vision

To play a major role by providing safe, effective, personal services within the resources available, in a future in which people with learning disabilities and mental health problems have the same opportunity as other citizens to participate and contribute to our communities.

As a healthcare provide is to a positive difference in the lives of clients it be through working collaboratively with other health care professionals preventative care, diagnosis, treatment or ongoing management so as to achieve optimal health outcomes that improves their quality of life.

Our Vision

Highcare Support’s vision is to support our service users achieve their optimum well-being by setting achievable goals, targets and aspirations together with our partners, families, and friends so that we empower, promote their independence, choice and social inclusion.

Contact us

Highcare Support Services Ltd, 130 Charlemont Road, E6 6HE, London

Call: 07306378079 – 07305851976 – 02085481199

Our Values
  • Respect – Have a high positive regard for our service users by ensuring that their rights and dignity are always promoted and respected by ensuring that our work encompasses the 5 principles of Mental Capacity Act.
  • Safeguard our service users from potential abuse and ensure that we have the right and relevant policies and processes in place to monitor their safety and keep them safe.
  • Ensure that we listen to our service users, families and friends and stakeholders and to use their views and feedback to improve the service that we provide.
  • Accountability – Provide high quality of care by ensuring that our recruitment process is robust in enabling us to get the right staff and to offer continuous training to our all staff. Every employee has clear responsibilities and feels personally accountable for their actions
  • Honesty –  We are open and honest with each other and with ourselves. This allows us to acknowledge any weakness and learn from past experiences, which will allow us to improve our service.
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